What To Look for in a Private Aircraft Charter Company

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When looking for a private aircraft charter company, it is first important to consider what you value the most as a client and consumer.

Some of us value customer service above all, while others may care more about affordability, and safety… but all to varying degrees. So it’s recommended to look for a company that can correctly identify your particular needs and will strive to make sure that they are all being met.

There is always a certain draw to larger corporations, simply, because they have recognizable brand names. Though there is something to be said for a smaller company; a company who will work harder to make sure that they are creating a positive name for themselves and not potentially risk losing a client. It’s in the details and personal touches, from an unparalleled concierge services to monogrammed gift items provided onboard for clients. These are the companies who will be able provide you with more personalized detail based attention.

Smaller companies often have a team that will attempt to meet your needs including things such as unplanned stops or certain other requests that larger companies may not be able to accommodate due to sheer volume of clients. This also makes it easier to negotiate changes and handle any possible issues.

When looking for a private jet charter company, you may also want to ask if they have a license to fly internationally if your future destinations are not just based in the United States. There are plenty of charter companies who are only limited to flying within the confines of the US and if you happen to stumble across on of these, you will find yourself having to charter with a different company to be able to fulfill your flying needs. For those who are on deadlines, as many who chose the convenience of chartering usually are this can be a massive loss of time.

You may also be interested in what models of jets they have and whether or not they can assist you with other things such as aircraft sales and acquisitions. Some companies such as Macair assist their customers with those matters and also provide hangar services onto of maintenance for the peace of mind of their clients.

That is what choosing to charter flights ends up really coming down to; the convenience of having to worry about as little as possible, which is why you should attempt to chose a company who understands that your time is precious and valuable. Check out the list below to see what the top factors to consider when choosing your aircraft charter of choice.

  1. Safety. What ARG/US level does the Private Jet Charter Company hold? ARG/US compiles information from the FAA and Department of Transportation to determine the safety records of the operator, its pilots and its aircraft. ARG/US also performs on-site audits to review safety procedures, aircraft log books and similar documentation. Platinum-rated is the highest ARG/US raring, which Macair holds.
  2. Fleet size. Is there a range of light to heavy aircrafts and everything in between? Different passenger amounts and depature/arrival destinations require different types of aircrafts. Your charter company should have access to a range of aircrafts to complement the needs of your trip.
  3. Team. Does your charter company team know the ins and outs of charter travel? How long has the company been in business? Will they go above and beyond for you? These are all important questions to ask.
  4. Customer Service: Ideally, the client should have a go-to contact at the charter company who is available 24/7 to address all of the trip details, from last-minute changes, special requests, ground transportation, etc. You will get a great sense of their level of service by how you are treated on the phone. Does the contact understand your trip needs, know about logistics, ask you what’s important to you in regards to your preferences, respond politely, etc. Have you read other customer testimonials?
  5. Cost: Does your preferred charter company provide you with a clear, hard quote upfront, once they understand the details of your trip? As the details of trip become more specific, your charter provider should be able to keep you abreast of all of the details of your quote.

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