Why Private Aircraft Charter is the “Ultimate Business Tool”

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Maximizing time and productivity, it’s the mantra of every successful business. “Time is money,” and in an era of downsizing and increased workloads, never has this motto been stressed so severely. Our clients know that the “ultimate business tool” for an active company is Aircraft Charter… do you?

Just like any cost of business, travel is a subject that should be addressed and executed properly — often overlooked, with the idea of chartering an aircraft being shelved in favor for cumbersome commercial flights. Is this truly the most cost efficient business move?

“Many times when companies make cost comparisons between traveling on commercial airlines and chartering, they are diverted from the real economic value of business accomplished,” Dori Abouzeid, our company CEO once told Orange County Living magazine.

Never has “time is money” rang more true than when opting to charter an aircraft. Consider the time wasted on a commercial flight when you encounter long security lines, connecting flights with layovers, driving to the final destination and the possibility of lost luggage. Add all that to the loss of employee’s performance when they arrive at their destinations exhausted and stressed.

Consider the flip side. Only with flying on a private jet can you make a morning meeting in San Francisco, an afternoon sales meeting in Seattle, and make it home in time to see your kid’s basketball game.

Commercial flyers become accustomed to burdensome “airport-to-airport” type service, while chartering provides a next level “door-to-door” service.

What is “door-to-door”?

It’s the idea of no delays — because business jets land close to final destinations and ground transportation is already organized. It’s the idea of eliminating connecting flights because they fly into over 5,000 smaller airports; 10-times the number of locations that serve commercial airliners. It’s the idea of faster, smoother flights due to a private jet’s capabilities of flying above the weather. Oh yeah, and you’ll never lose your luggage again.

Your Macair representative will make sure the second you step out of your front door on the day of your flight, your itinerary is taken care of. Concierge service is included to handle the arrangement of any rental cars, limousine service, hotel and dinner reservations and onside conference facilities.

All costs considered, private charter jet prices are often less expensive due to efficient, shorter itineraries, minimizing “on-the-road” expenses such as meals, hotels, car rental, etc.

If “time is money” to you, your company and your family, don’t spend another day without the efficiency of business jet travel and charter flights. It will be the best “business tool” you ever invested in.

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