Aircraft Charter

You choose your destination, we take care of the rest.

Worldwide Aircraft Charters

The range of aircraft types and locations offered by the charter department are unlimited.  Whether you require a small jet for your regional trips or a full-sized aircraft like our Gulfstream V for international travel, our team is standing by to customize your travel arrangements to suit your needs. There’s no need to think about the details of international travel, aircraft handling, permits and restrictions, airport and noise restrictions, or passenger amenities.  This is all handled in thorough detail by our trained experts who will, based on that information, best match you to the most efficient aircraft for your trip.

Every time you board our aircraft, you can rest assured through our stringent ongoing safety requirements, your private jet is diligently maintained, completely safe and secure, and operated by crew members that have received extensive training.

ARG/US Platinum Certification

argus-logoPlatinum Rating – The highest level of ARG/US safety rating is awarded to those operators who meet the criteria for Silver and Gold, and successfully pass either an ARG/US on-site safety audit, or a recent Department of Defense (DoD) Air Carrier Quality and Safety inspection. The ARG/US audit is conducted identically to a Department of Defense audit by former DoD inspectors. This is a constructive, operational and system oriented evaluation to help identify and correct potential deficiencies or safety issues. The Platinum rating is awarded to charter operators who maintain only the strictest standards in quality and safety excellence.

Since August 2005, ARG/US International has consecutively awarded Macair their highest rating – the Platinum rating – for its focus on providing flights of the highest quality and emphasis on the most stringent safety standards.


Our experienced pilots receive professional training twice a year from the best flight simulator and other computer generated training facilities in the industry. Our friendly, service-oriented pilots and cabin attendants are eager to provide on-time, safe, reliable, and luxurious air transportation to you, our valuable customers.


How much does a charter flight cost?
You will be chartering, or renting, the entire aircraft rather than just paying the fare for one seat like you would on a commercial airline. The cost of the charter trip is the same whether there is just one person or ten people in your party. The price of your charter flight is dependent on the type of aircraft and its hourly flight rate, and the departure and arrival airports, which determine the time required to fly your trip. Macair provides an estimate for the time that’s required to fly your trip and provide a firm quote to you when reserve your charter flight.
What information do you need to complete my reservation?
Departure and arrival airports or locations; Departure and arrival dates and preferred time; Passenger names; Any oversized or excess luggage; Any special requests or requirements.
How do I pay for my private jet charter flight?
All charter trips require prepayment via a wire transfer prior to departure.
Are there cancellation fees?
Yes. If you need to cancel your charter flight within 72 hours of the scheduled departure, then you will incur fees. We will make you aware of the details of our cancellation policy prior to your booking, and you will receive a copy of it with your trip confirmation.
What sort of identification do I need to fly on a private charter aircraft?
The same that commercial airlines require. Passports for international trips and drivers’ licenses for domestic trips.
How many seats are there on a charter jet aircraft?
It depends on the aircraft that best suits your trip and what you decide to book. Most light charter aircrafts can accommodate up to 6 passengers, while mid aircraft charters carry up to 10 passengers. Heavy jets typically hold up to 18 passengers.
How far in advance may I book a flight with Macair?
One of the best features of private air charter is the ability to book your flight as close as the day of travel, or make changes to your existing flight, even at the last minute. Our 24/7team can get you a quote immediately, and can typically have your flight scheduled the day of booking. Customer service is our mantra, and getting your charter trip created swiftly and accurately is our priority.
What does “empty leg” mean?
An empty leg, also known as a transit aircraft special, is a one-way trip that the aircraft makes without having scheduled passengers onboard, such as when the aircraft must return to its base after a trip. Empty legs can be booked at a lower cost, but they do not offer the same flexibility as a regular charter trip that is based on your scheduling requirements.

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