Citation X

Timing is everything — get there first.

The Citation X jet is the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky today. Astonishingly, it can climb to 51,000 feet and cruise at incredible speeds of up to Mach 0.935. The X provides seating for up to 12 people, making it one of the most comfortable cabin environments for work or for recreation.


The Citation X has once again broken boundary by becoming one of the widest, most spacious interiors ever crafted for a Citation. A new, larger cabin interior provides exceptional legroom and optimal comfort with designed seats and adjustable ambient lighting. The hand-crafted intercontinental galley holds catering trays and positions fine china, stemware and cutlery all within easy reach. Behind solid sliding doors, a finely appointed private lavatory accommodates a flushing toilet, vanity with hot and cold water and storage space.


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