7 Reasons To Charter Directly From An Operator

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Below are 7 reasons why chartering a jet through a direct charter operator makes the most sense:

1. Control: Charter operators directly manage, maintain, and employ the crews for the aircraft in their fleets that are available for charter. There is typically no middle man who is managing communication between the client, crews, FBOs, handlers and beyond, because the charter operator is directly managing the entire process, from small to large details.

2. Charter versus commercial airline travel expenses. The cost for two adults and four children flying first class can cost the same as charterting your own private jet flight purchased through a charter operator, like Macair. Similarly, groups of friends or business colleagues flying together will often find that the total cost of business or first class tickets are often in the same range as splitting the cost of a private aircraft. Operators flights are usually marked up a minimal amount as opposed to many brokered flights. Given all the convenience of flying privately, jet charter becomes a viable option for travelers that once thought they were restricted to commercial air travel.

3. Jet selection. Charter operators have premier fleets and access to networks with more than 2,000 jets to select from. Operators are not restricted to a certain type of jet or jet class as with most fractional programs are, giving the traveler the choice of flying on Gulfsteams, Citations, Challengers, King Airs, and beyond!

4. On demand 24/7. Operators provide direct and 24/7 access to a charter representative who can provide flight quotes in as little as one hour to 15 minutes and jets can be made “tarmac ready” within two hours. Having a relationship with an established operator allows the client to receive personalized itineraries, comfort with the same crews, first opportunities at empty legs and peace of mind knowing that their preferences and needs are always met!

5. Leisure travel made easy. Private jet travel is especially convenient for the leisure traveler who desires private jet service on an occasional or regular basis. No security line waits, no airport delays, no crowded cabins… Just pure ease, convenience and the ability to relax.

6. Increased flexibility. Without the hassle of jet ownership, maintenance fees, crew costs and storage expenses, there are no extra expenditures to bog down passengers down. On-demand charter means you only pay for your flight hours on a specific trip.

7. High safety and quality standards. Charter companies like Macair uphold the highest of safety standards. Safety standards are standards designed to ensure the safety of products, activities or processes, etc. They may be advisory or compulsory and are normally laid down by an advisory or regulatory body that may be either voluntary or statutory, and only utilize jets and pilots that are Part 135 and have excellent ratings with safety auditing companies such as Argus or Wyvern. Brokers do not have to hold an operating certificate issued by the FAA or go through the rigorous process of becoming an operator.

It makes sound financial sense to keep your money in your own pocket and not in the hands of a private jet sales broker who charges a high markup on the flights they find from other operators. Paying only for the flight time used creates an experience that the savvy traveler will most enjoy.

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