7 Reasons To Fly Via Private Jet Charter This Holiday Season

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Flying on commercial airlines during the holiday season can be thrilling and exciting… but highly stressful. One of the best ways to help reduce stress is by flying by private aircraft charters. Flying private, whether on a light jet for a shorter distance, or on heavy jet like a Gulfstream, has many advantages. People who fly charter flights find that doing so enables them to enjoy a faster, more comfortable trip with easy access to superior service and impressive safety records… not to mention no security lines, long delays and crowded airports. See the list below for the reasons you’ll want to fly by private jet this holiday season.

No Need to Wait on Long Lines

A private jet means just that: private. Flying private means only a limited number of passengers will be flying on the airplane — and they’ll be your friends and family! Fewer people boarding aircraft means less time spent waiting on the ground during endless lines while lugging around heavy items as airline officials spend time processing hundreds of passengers. The beauty of private travel and excellent service means you can be onboard your aircraft as soon as minutes after arrival to the airport.

Access to More Airports

Another advantage of flying privately is access to more airports all over the country and all over the world. Many smaller airplanes can land in smaller airports that are often overlooked or not served at all by the larger air carriers. Heading to Sun Valley, Idaho from Santa Ana, California? Easily doable via private jet charter.

Shorter Flights

A private jet can often land in a smaller airport that is closer to the passenger’s planned eventual destination. This allows many passengers to land more closely to their desired city or town and allows them to save time and effort getting from one place to another.

Flexible Scheduling

Flying on a private plane often allows passengers the opportunity to enjoy a more flexible flight time. Flight times can be adjusted as needed by airline staffers in order to account for factors such as a passenger arriving late or the need to leave quickly to catch a business meeting. Weather permitting, private aircraft crews leave depart on your schedule.

Better Service

Flying on private jet allows people access to better service while in the air. No need to flag down a flight attendant as she attends to the needs of ten other passengers at the same time. Companies like ours take care of your VIP catering, ground transportation, and all of your special requests.

Roomier Seats

Flying standard airplanes often means being crammed into very tiny seats with limited legroom and close proximity to strangers for hours. No so when flying a private jet. Private jets have seats, and even beds in some planes, that are roomy and comfortable. This helps passengers arrive at their overall destination relaxed and happy once they get there.

An Excellent Safety Record

Private jets have an excellent safety record, and Macair Inc.’s in unblemished. (We have held the ARGUS Platinum Safety Record for more than a decade!) We only hire skilled mechanics and pilots, and each plane is carefully inspected before any flight, allowing the company to quickly spot and repair any problems that are seen during the inspection process.

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