Featured Destination: Vienna, Austria

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In the heart of Europe, and on the crossroads between East and West, North and South, lies the former Habsburg capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Vienna. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, music, architecture and style, Vienna combines centuries of ratcheting history with the charm of Old Europe and the dynamic atmosphere of modern Austria. Vienna is the seat of the U.N., OPEC, and many other multinational organizations due to its strategic position on the threshold of Eastern Europe.

One can not walk through the center of the city without encountering music one way or another: the formidable State Opera House, famous for never playing the same production any two nights in a row, overlooks the Ringstrasse Boulevard; behind the Musikverein music hall’s unique sienna and ocre-colored facade lies the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and its Golden Hall hosts the annual New Year’s Concert; all over town countless churches and open-air venues beckon the visitor to rest and listen in. Numerous noteworthy musicians including Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss left their undisputed mark on the city, and a stroll through the historic center will reveal their heritage to the interested visitor.

Springtime is my favorite time in Vienna: all the chestnut and linden trees are in full blossom (Vienna’s city center counts more than 800 parks and gardens!), and the restaurants, cafes and “Heurigen” (local wine producers offering their latest vintage along with home-made breads, meats, cheeses and pastries) invitingly move their tables outside. The capital’s famed coffee houses look back at a rich tradition as the predecessors of the internet and social media as networking platforms and “think tanks”, and still frequented by many locals following the footsteps of Dr. Sigmund Freud and his contemporaries. A real Viennese “Kaffeehaus” may have more than 100 different types of coffee on offer, along with a wide selection of local and international newspapers. The tuxedo-and-bowtie-clad waiter will bring and refill your water glass served with your coffee, and supply playing cards and even playing buddies if requested.

Looking for deluxe accommodation in Vienna, the traveler has many choices including the classy Bristol and Imperial Hotels, both located in former palaces along the Ringstrasse Boulevard. Alternatively, the recently adapted and intimate Hotel Coburg, former residence of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty, beckons with 35 luxury suites satisfying the most discerning guest. Newest addition to Viennas hotel scape is the Kempinski Hansen Palace, also on the Ringstrasse.

We at Komar Aviation will be happy to fly you to Vienna in style on one of our fine aircraft; leave the organization of your accommodation, sightseeing, event planning, and VIP access to concerts or opera performances to us. We will also arrange your private shopping excursions and fine dining to create memories of Vienna to last a lifetime! For more information, contact us today at charter@macairinc.com, or phone 949-250-1359.

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