Private Aircraft Maintenance: Why It’s So Important

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Being an aircraft owner is a considerable (and expensive!) responsibility, and a dedicated owner knows that regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the personal safety of his passengers and crew. Maintenance is also incredibly important for those who are seeking to maximize the return on their aircraft investment and its overall profitability.

There are different levels to how in-depth of maintenance you’re going to be undergoing at any period of time. These also vary based on the type of aircraft and its usage.

Generally the FAA recommends that for approximately every 500 – 800 flight miles, the aircraft undergoes a routine check. These are commonly known as “A” and “B” checks, which are less in-depth and time consuming. Before ever even taking off there should be an inspection of the machinery and of the overall status of the aircraft. A “B” inspection is most commonly implemented within the timeframe of 3- 6 months.

Conversely, a “C” check is a very detailed check that requires specialized machinery and a mechanic with a unique and trained skill set to be able to carefully examine the aircraft. These checks may span the course of several days during which the aircraft will not be able for use. “D” checks by far are the most costly and time-intensive because the overall structural integrity of the aircraft is checked, which requires the aircraft to be unused for a longer period of time. They also include all of the previous checks mentioned and are incredibly thorough.

These FAA checks mayseem daunting in terms of price and the cost of hiring skilled technicians; this is why private charter companies such as Macair have implemented a system where in exchange for the chartering your aircraft, it will also be maintained for you. Given the overall price and labor that goes into maintenance for your aircraft, this is incredibly appealing for owners who are interested in using their plane as an investment—as opposed to allowing it to sit unused and depreciating in value.

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