What To Look For In Aircraft Management

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So… you own a plane, and you’re thinking of making the switch from a Part 91 operator to joining a Part 135 certificate. The big question is do you know how to properly manage your private aircraft to ensure it’s generating a maximum return on your investment?

That’s where Charter Management Programs come into play.

When it comes to looking for a Charter Management program, what should you be searching for? The top priorities are aircraft maintenance, while maximizing your dollars when the plane is in idle time. Look for a company that offers top-of-the-line, day-to-day aircraft management responsibilities, while turning your asset into revenue by chartering your private jet when you’re not using it.

Here’s what to look for in an Aircraft Charter Management Program:

  • Safety! Make sure your Charter Manager has a flawless safety record, with an expert crew of pilots and technicians.
  • Customer Service: Does your Charter Manager have a single point-of-contact you can reach 24/7? How about a solid crew, technical experts and a financial manager? A team focused on customer service will keep the best interest of you and your aircraft in mind!
  • The ability for to create revenue from your investment. Every day that your jet is on the ground, it could actually be generating revenue through charter services! If your aircraft isn’t current being maximized today, look for a company that offers charter services!
  • Maximizing cost savings: By partnering with an Aircraft Charter Management Program, you can have thousands of dollars passed along to you. Make sure your charter manager can secure exclusive discounts with insurance carriers, fuel providers and parts providers.
  • Excellent maintenance records: Make sure your Charter Manager has the capabilities to keep your aircraft at its best performance level 365 days a year.

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