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The 7 Most Romantic Destinations To Fly Private

These 7 luxurious romantic getaways are surefire ways to reignite the sparks of love or just a fantastic way to reconnect with your significant other. If you’re thinking about chartering a private aircraft last minute this Valentine’s Day, may we suggest the following seven destinations? 1.Dubai, United Emirates There isn’t quite any other place in […]

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Aircraft Management with Macair


Aside from providing aircraft charter services, Macair has attained a stellar reputation as an aircraft management company providing bespoke and turnkey management solutions to the most demanding aircraft owners.

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Why Private Aircraft Charter is the “Ultimate Business Tool”


Maximizing time and productivity, it’s the mantra of every successful business. “Time is money,” and in an era of downsizing and increased workloads, never has this motto been stressed so severely. Our clients know that the “ultimate business tool” for an active company is Aircraft Charter… do you? – See more at:

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What To Look for in a Private Aircraft Charter Company


When looking for a private aircraft charter company, it is first important to consider what you value the most as a client and consumer. Some of us value customer service above all, while others may care more about affordability, and safety… but all to varying degrees. So it’s recommended to look for a company that […]

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Why Ground Transportation Also Matters


As any seasoned traveler and jetsetter knows, traveling isn’t an experience that is solely limited to just the airport. For a business professional, there aren’t any details that are small enough to risk being overlooked and that includes finding a reliable ground transpiration provider that can safely transport travelers to and from the airport.

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8 Global Events You Need To Travel To

Are you hoping to get some travel in this year? Not sure where to go? Macair can help. Not only can we fly you anywhere in the world with world-class service, we’ve compiled a list of must-see events happening this year.

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7 Events to Travel To This Summer


Each summer, many holidays, events, and festivals are hosted all around the world. These events prompt hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to leave their home countries to tour the world. If you’re ready for your summer vacation to start, and want to do some serious traveling and sight-seeing, here are seven events […]

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Stay Safe During Your Summer Travels With These 10 Fundamental Tips


Nothing can replace the experience of traveling to a faraway destination for the first time. Immersing yourself in a new culture, meeting interesting people, and expanding your worldview are just some of the benefits of globe-hopping, and while it’s safer to travel to most areas of the world than it’s ever been, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a few precautions.

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